Sugarcake aims to make cakes that are fun, quirky and delicious. Cakes that represent your personality, your interests and YOU!

Sugarcake can produce various styles of cake, ranging from cartoon to realistic, sculpted to hand painted. We love making ‘different’ cakes, so please do not feel limited to the cakes you see on this site. We always thoroughly research the subject matter before planning each cake and no two cakes are identical. Your cake will be unique to YOU.

We will work with you to design a cake that fits in with your theme, budget and tastes.
If you are after something a little different, say a corporate order of cupcakes or hand decorated cookies, please feel free to contact Sugarcake.

In the mean time, enjoy perusing the site and be sure to ‘like’ Sugarcake on Facebook!

About Me

Trudy with her boysBoth of my parents are Potters. As such, I was raised surrounded by creativity and art. Mum and Dad excel in the practical application of design and form. They have won many awards over the last 40-odd years and they are among the few people who have successfully managed to earn a living from their art. This ‘artiness’ and creativity is part of my genetic makeup.
Then there is FOOD. The other part of me. I love to eat. It is a passion. A need. A want. An obsession. It is MY LIFE.

It has always been this way, although strange as it may seem, I never considered a career in the food industry. After graduating college I went on to study design and then completed a degree in Occupational Therapy. I worked as an OT within the public and private health sectors for ten years. Although cognitively and emotionally rewarding (and challenging), my job didn’t give me the BUZZ, the excitement, the fulfilment (literally!) that cooking did.

5 years ago a friend introduced me to cake decorating. It was a light bulb moment – I was hooked. I had finally found something that satisfied the core elements of my being:

  • Food
  • Art
  • Helping people (by making them smile)

I can honestly say now, that this is me. Like it or lump it. I AM CAKE:-)

Our Baking

Sugarcake uses fresh ingredients. No packet mixes. The art of baking is exactly that –art. Each ingredient is weighed, measured, mixed, poured and hand prepared. We use real butter and high quality Whittakers chocolate. We use fresh NZ cream for our ganache and Satin Ice fondant for covering cakes.

We literally spend HOURS and HOURS creating each cake. Even cakes that you may consider ‘basic’ can take up to 6 hours. Some cakes take over 30 hours!